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Updated February 8, 2022

Bulls Sell Friday March 25th at the Top Cut Bull Sale in Maple Creek, SK
at Cowtown Livestock Exchange

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2022 VIdeos Now 


Updated with 2022 Sale Bulls

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NEW this year we will be selling 4 Yearling Heifers Bulls in the Sale 

Many of our customers want to buy yearling heifers bulls. This lead to our decision to offer 4 bulls we would generally retain for next year to go to the sale as 2 year old. They are all recommended for heifers and should provide great calving ease. 


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Click Bulls Name for Pedigree

CBW 9H.jpeg
CBW 620H.jpeg
CBW 97H.jpeg
CBW 127H.jpeg
WBA -09H.jpeg
CBW 605H.jpeg
WBA 34H.jpeg
CBW 039H.jpeg
CBW 36H.jpeg

Merit Stoney Creek 

VK63C (4).jpg

Eastondale Jackson 63'15 

Sons of Jackson 

Stoney 4023B web.jpeg

Sons of Stoney  

Merit Stoney Creek 4023B

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